Thursday, February 26, 2015

How same sex marriage will change straight marriages

An ally writes, after a pro-equality rally in a non-marriage state,
As someone who was born straight, marriage was always just laid out in front of me, ripe for the taking whenever I wanted, and even (theoretically only, honey!) as many times as I wanted to. It was never something I had to fight for, to dream about, to yearn for. The people in that room Saturday night treat marriage like a priceless treasure. That doesn't mean they don't have bad days or months or years, or don't fight over who is doing bedtime, but it is one hell of a good reminder for every marriage.

So you LGBT advocates can stop saying that same-sex marriage won't affect my marriage, because it will. In fact, it has already made my own marriage better.

Thanks, you guys.
You're welcome.  

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Glenn Ingersoll said...

Marriage would be undesirable for same sex couples if one member of the couple were considered lesser. Egalitarian marriage is something hets don't quite yet take for granted. Gay people marrying will continue the movement toward equality between the sexes.