Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kill the Gays in CA

A California attorney has filed papers for an initiative that calls for the execution of LGBT people.  Of course, it would take over 300,000 signatures to put it on the ballot, so it's not actually going to be voted on.  But even in a relatively liberal state, this is the degree of animus against LGBT people.

A clear majority of Americans now are okay with LGBT people marrying, and with LGBT people generally.  But efforts to protect LGBT people from discrimination are lagging behind.  Just yesterday, we saw Charlotte, NC narrowly defeat a non-discrimination rule.

Why is it okay to discriminate against LGBT?  We would not for a minute accept someone who advocated against serving black folks, or Jews, or women.  But somehow it's okay to advocate to refuse service to LGBT.  And I'll bet you that they would also like to refuse service for practicing Muslims too.  God help a woman in a headscarf who asks a bakery for a cake for Eid, eh?

Why is it that only about 20% of Americans are Evangelical Christians of a certain political ilk, yet they manage to punch so far above their weight that they dominate the media description of "Christian"?

Meanwhile, it's best to remember that even in liberal CA, there are people who actively hate us and want us dead.


PseudoPiskie said...

I suspect there are Californians who would support killing all Jews and non-whites. Not to mention Muslims, of course.

IT said...

Sadly, I expect so. But here's the thing. As a culture, we no longer regard those views as acceptable, but as fringe. There would be an outcry if people openly and publicly advocated treating Jews or non-whites the way they advocate treating LGBTs. can you imagine what would happen to the lawyer who filed this initiative, if he had proposed killing Jews? But somehow it's okay, it's allowed, to say those things about LGBT. Religious freedom, I guess. Who would Jesus Hate.

IT said...
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