Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Religious liberty and marriage

From one of the amici briefs to the Supreme Court: my emphases

Significant religious liberty issues will  indeed  follow in the wake of same-sex civil marriage. But it  is not an appropriate response to prohibit same-sex  civil marriage in order to  eliminate every risk of  possible  impositions  on religious liberty.  No one can  have a right to deprive others of  their important  liberty as a prophylactic means of protecting his own.  Just as one’s right to extend an arm ends where  another’s nose begins, so each claim to liberty in our  system must be  defined in a way that is consistent  with the equal and sometimes conflicting liberty of  others. Religious liberty, properly interpreted and  enforced, can protect the right of religious organizations and religious believers to live their own lives  in accord ance with their faith. But it cannot give them  any right or power to deprive others of the corresponding right to live the most intimate portions of  their lives according to their own deepest values
It  goes on to argue for robust religious freedom exemptions.

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