Sunday, June 14, 2009

No chance to fix ENDA, DADT, or DOMA: Obama admin spokesman

Both Pamshouseblend and AmericaBlog quote John Berry, the highest profile gay appointee in the White House (and the openly gay head of the Office of Personnel Management), as saying that ENDA, DADT, and DOMA cannot (or will not) be dealt with by Obama any time soon.

ENDA is the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Basically it says you can't fire someone simply for being gay.

DADT is Don't Ask Don't Tell. It's how the military fires gay people. It says that you can serve in the military as long as you don't tell anyone (or they don't pursue, but they do).

DOMA is the egregious Defense of Marriage Act , that means my valid California marriage evaporates the minute I drive over the border. BTW, Berry apparently says that Obama "owns" the hate-filled, insulting brief that was filed to defend DOMA.

Berry: We don’t have the votes to do Hate Crimes right now, we don’t have the votes to do ENDA, how are we going [to get “don’t ask, don’t tell?
Well, we aren't if you don't try to help, are we?

That is our "fierce advocate" for change.

Now, who wants to join me in the back of the bus? looks like we'll be there for a while.


Dave said...

Obama when seeking votes and money - Change We Can Believe In
Obama in office - Same We Can't Believe In

For someone who campaigned so much on a "change" platform, all Obama seems to do is continually say that he's not responsible for what's going on and can't do anything about it. First despite being President with a majority in Congress he offers up McCaincare, which he specifically campaigned against as harmful and now he's not only re-using the Bush admins old arguments but adding his own with DOMA.

IT said...

I wish I could argue persuasively that you are wrong, Dave. But I don't think I can.