Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CA to recognize out-of-state same sex marriages?

In the Decision upholding Prop8, the Supreme Court of California recognized existing California same-sex marriages, and prevented future ones. But left unclear was what to do with out-of-state marriages that occurred before the election; for example, couples married in MA. The justices left a big door open on that one and many people feel that they will uphold them.

Still, it will take legislation, and then litigation, to decide.

The first step has occurred. The Advocate reports that CA state senator Mark Leno has proposed SB54, to recognize out-of-state marriages between same sex partners.

You know that the Forces of H8 will be on this like flies, so Equality CA exhorts you to take action and write your legislators in support.


James said...

I'm really thankful that you opened this blog. It's nice to have a "single" place that keeps us up to date on the marriage equality fight.

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Thank you James, you are kind.

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