Thursday, July 30, 2009

Catholic bishops withdraw support for immigration bill

An immigration reform bill is working its way through the channels. One issue is how to treat families of people who are in the country working legally. Despite the hype from the anti-immigrant groups like the Minutemen, most immigrants are hard working, tax paying would-be citizens who enrich our lives.

The Catholic church has long been an advocate of humane immigration policies. But it seems there is a problem this time. From the AP:
A key ally in past immigration fights, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said it would not support a measure that has a same-sex provision.
You see, granting any civil recognition of a same sex couple is a deal-breaker for the Bishops, who would rather see people exiled, deported, and miserable than allow any single gay person to benefit. Civil rights for gay people are so dangerous that the bishops would rather see everyone else suffer, lest a GLBT person actually have a family.
The NAACP and the American Bar Association also spoke in favor of including "permanent partners" as part of an immigration bill, saying that current law amounts to discrimination.
But not for the Catholic Bishops. It's just a slightly less lethal version of the Better Dead than Wed policy.

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