Monday, September 14, 2009

Anatomy of the lies

There is an absolutely OUTSTANDING exposé at Daily Kos explaining how the bad guys won Prop8, and how they might win with Question 1 in Maine. This DK diary lays it all out in stunning detail. Read it, because it's what we're up against, not only in California, but nationally.

The author shows how the key to their victory was framing the question not about our marriages, but about what it might cost them---even if those costs were palpably LIEs about children and education. Coupled with numerous mis-steps on our side it was a masterful bit of swiftboating, as the author terms it.
The story is instructive because Religious Right professionals have succeeded in making it appear as if all people of faith are antigay and anti-marriage equality. Worse yet, they are using religion as an excuse to perpetrate lies and deception – to swiftboat same sex couples in the name of God, when in fact they are just advancing another end-justifies-the-means political scheme.
Don't wait, go here and read it NOW. Because they are trying exactly the same approach in Maine, and they will continue to do this unless and until we manage to expose their lies and dishonesty.

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