Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blog Notes

This blog started 4 months ago in the heat of the Prop8 court case. Since then, I have posted once or twice a day nearly every day, with a combination of stories, political reflections, and notes from around the web.

Despite the volume of material (187 posts so far) I get only 6-10 unique visitors a day and very few comments. SO I'm not exactly having a large effect on the discourse.

Since the amount of effort is pretty high for the number of eyes on the screen, I'm going to try posting every other day and see how that works.

As with any blog, if you like this one, please comment, and tell your friends. Shouting into the silence isn't exactly rewarding!


James said...

Keep up the work, IT; it means sometging to a few people and perhaps that's all that this ministry is for - a few who need it.

enh said...

When I check the news (usually daily), this is the first site I come to. You always give us the top marriage headline of the day!

janinsanfran said...

FWIW (not much) I linked to you. :-)

I appreciate your postings.

IT said...

Thanks. They'll keep coming, just every other day instead of daily.