Friday, March 19, 2010

Catholics for Marriage Equality

Catholics for Marriage Equality are standing up to the hierarchy:

"As Roman Catholics, we differentiate between sacramental marriage and civil marriage. Therefore, we perceive that same-sex civil marriage poses no threat to our Church. While we respect the authority and integrity of the Church in matters of faith, our prayers and discernment have brought us to a new openness on this issue. We do not ask the Church to perform same-sex marriages. We do implore the Church to honor the States’ prerogative to authorize civil marriages for our gay and lesbian family and friends."
Studies show that the average Catholic in the pew is actually pretty supportive of GLBT rights; the vehemently anti-gay, Better-dead-than-wed views of the Institutional Church do no represent their flock.

Okay, who wants to take bets on how quickly individuals will be pointed out, dismissed from church roles, and perhaps even denied communion. It's what happened in Maine. Any takers?

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