Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blame the gays

Did you know that if the Democrats do badly, it's all the fault of Teh Gay?
From AP:
"But change takes time; sometimes it takes a lot of time. A lot of folks just don't understand that," said Garcia. "I am older and more seasoned, but most people are very disturbed with the administration ... and they're the hard ones to get out to vote.
"The message is huge: Don't take us for granted."

Robin McGehee, co-founder and director of the national gay-rights organization GetEQUAL calls the mood among gay voters a "disappointment canyon" but said they have no choice but to go to the polls....
The GLBT community has a groundswell that will not support Democratic machine politics, which exerts no political capital for us. We have been supporting individuals, and of course we will vote. But I suspect that the "enthusiasm gap" will be cited for poor performance. You wanna bet that Obama and the White House will blame us?


Erika Baker said...

Is it too much to hope that they will at least ask WHY there is no wholehearted lgbt support for them?

JCF said...

I'm really getting tired of the all the gay cynicism, IT (which is DEAFENING at a place like Joe.My.God.)

Obama just met to plan the post-election DADT repeal strategy. I'm not happy about the DOJ's appeals on DADT, but I get it.

I want ENDA ASAP, but when the Administration's getting killed on how EVERYBODY'S out of work, I see why ensuring LGBTs keep their jobs is a rung lower.

DOMA? I think that's more of a court-process, for now.

Let's see where things stand, after the election.

[FYI: the always-righteous Eugene Robinson had a recent piece, where in he talked about the "Progressive Fantasy", that Obama COULD have passed legislation that was further left from where it actually ended up. His conclusion: "The votes were never there."]

I just think cynicism is pointless, and only ends up hurting our(queer)selves.

JCF said...

For your consideration: [I wish I had another link, as this one is already chockfull w/ typical JMG-poster negativity.]