Friday, October 29, 2010

Iowa: vote YES!

In Iowa's 2009 marriage equality decision, the state Supreme Court unanimously decided that there was no "constitutionally adequate" justification to limit marriage to opposite sex couples.
This record, our independent research, and the appropriate equal protection analysis do not suggest the existence of a justification for such a legislative classification that substantially furthers any governmental objective.

By all accounts, Iowa has been relatively unaffected by gay citizens getting married. There has been no onslaught of divorce, or sex in the streets. And there is really no question about overturning the decision.

But our "friends" at NOM are in the mood for retaliation, and are running another one of this season's bus tours trying to incite voters to reject three of the Supreme Court justices, who in Iowa are subject to retention elections every few years. It won't change anything--except perhaps put fear into the hearts of elected officials.

As with their previous NOMbus tours, the NOM forces have a glitzy bus but not much else. Equality supporters have been turning out, usually in greater numbers, to witness to LOVE, not division.

The Courage Campaign NOM bus trackers regularly post photos and videos, including interviews with NOM supporters who variously compare LGBT people to goats, claim that gays are a “disease-carrying nasty threat to society," and obsess about "sodomy marriage". Oh, and Brian Brown, NOM leader, defines the ONE difference between men and womenthus: “A mother can nurture and take care of a baby. A man can’t do that.” (That will be a surprised to a lot of fathers I know!)

The Judges are trying to stay above the fray and not engaging the NOMmers in campaigning.

If you are an Iowa voter, PLEASE vote YES YES YES to retain the judges and tell NOM to keep its hate out of state. (For more about NOM's hate campaigns, please see NOM exposed.)

For ammo on repudiating the "activist judges" claim, please see my previous post here.

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