Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bad news from the states

Wyoming's legislature continues with its push to deny recognition to same sex couples. Not satisfied with outlawing same sex marriage, Wyoming is now pushing to make sure that no scrap of protection can be given a gay couple. Given that WY styles itself "The Equality State", given that it has a strong libertarian streak, and given that it directly witnessed the gay-bashing murder of Matthew Shepard essentially crucified on a fence in Laramie, I would have hoped for better.

In New Hampshire, although the Republicans are threatening a legislative overturn of marriage equality, some of them admit that there are more pressing issues, like the economy, stupid. Amusingly, however, the anti-gay NOM machine has attacked the senior Republican by sending out flyers in his district complaining that he won't put marriage repeal front and center.
Bettencourt said the National Organization for Marriage sent a direct mailer to his district in Salem saying he doesn’t support traditional family values. He said the mailer was the result of his announcement last week that the House Republican agenda did not include repealing gay marriage….
I just love it when they turn on their own.

In Iowa, the newly empowered Republicans in the legislature are also on the warpath to repeal marriage equality, , as well as any other recognition of gay couples. Emboldened by their success in punishing the judiciary, they plan a legislative attack as well. Because clearly the very fabric of society is crumbling ever since the gays started to marry there. Fortunately the state Senate remains Democratic, but you can't always trust the Dems on this.

In Washington DC, some Congressional Republicans are threatening to overturn marriage equality in the District. While this seems far-fetched, there are actually strategies that would allow them to do this without a veto--unless the Democrats can stand up to them.

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