Friday, January 28, 2011

Good news from the states

In Maryland, a flash of good news, as a marriage equality bill will be introduced. But if it passes, it will almost certainly have to go to the ballot and we know how that turns out. The Washington Post polls the public at 51% supportive. (But don't be complacent. Early polls in California, prior to Proposition H8, also found a majority supportive. ) Trying to fend off marriage, the Republican leader proposed a civil unions bill. In yet another example of the official Republican lockstep, he is now no longer the Republican leader. So much for moderates. Let's be clear: Republicans do not want ANY recognition of LGBT couples. They are irrevocably opposed to equality.

In Rhode Island, also some good news as the new governor supports marriage equality. The Roman Catholic Bishop of Rhode Island leads the opposition, but polling appears robust in favor. Deliciously, Roman Catholics are amongst the staunchest supporters.

Hawai'i is on track to put forward civil unions. I don't like civil unions, as they are 2nd class status. But they are certainly far better than nothing.

On these lines, Illinois Governor Quinn will sign a civil unions bill.

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JCF said...

More good (if sad) news---and look at the difference MARRIAGE made!

Gay Marine’s husband surprised at respect shown by Naval Academy