Sunday, September 4, 2011

Don't let another Prop8 happen: video Sunday

California SB48 ensures that history classes in the state can't ignore the contributions of LGBT people. For example, this case where a student was not allowed to present a paper on Harvey Milk, simply because Harvey Milk was gay.

The H8ers have started a campaign to repeal SB48--just like they repealed marriage equality with Prop8.

Tony Perkins of the hate group Family Research Council has a video out claiming SB48 is meant to indoctrinate children about gay sex (not so at all), and attack Christians.

This video dissects the lies of Perkins. It is a MUST SEE as we gear up for another anti-gay campaign of bigotry and bile from the H8ers.


JCF said...

I REFUSE to fight this one. This is arguing w/ TROLLS. Our LAWYERS should take care of this ***unconstitutional*** bigoted NONSENSE.

IT said...

Yeah that worked so well for us the last time.... remember the thought was that even putting PRop8 on the ballot was unconstitutional. That taking away rights was unconstitutional.

And gay couples are STILL unable to marry in CA>