Friday, September 2, 2011

What's wrong with giving students a list of churches?

From the Advocate:
The University of North Carolina, Wilmington, wants LGBT students to know there are churches that don’t take the “turn or burn” approach to homosexuality espoused by one area congregation — but its distribution of the information has ired some conservatives.

Late last month the school’s LGBTQIA Resource Office put out a guide to gay-friendly local businesses and other institutions, including churches. It listed Metropolitan Community Church (St. Jude’s, pictured), Unitarian Universalist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Episcopal congregations. The head of the sociology department has suggested professors share the information with students, reports.

Mike Adams, a UNC Wilmington criminology professor and online commentator who frequently writes in opposition to gay rights, criticized the list ....

Speaking to Fox News, Adams admitted the list of gay-friendly churches probably did not violate the constitutional requirement of separation of church and state, noting that it would be a more serious problem if a professor used classroom time to advise students on where to attend church. But the university should cease distributing the information anyway, he said. Travis Barham, an attorney with the conservative Alliance Defense Fund, also questioned the appropriateness of the list.
One of the memes of those opposed to equality is that "Christian" means "anti-gay". I suspect the real issue here is that they don't want people to know that there are gay-friendly Christians, and that the hard-right doesn't own "Christian". It's yet another example of why it is SO important for gay-friendly denominations and congregations to "come out" and be vocal.

And is "ired" really a transitive verb?


PseudoPiskie said...

Those who are anti-nearly-everything-Jesus-taught need to control the message. If the facts get out, they lose control and money.

JCF said...

Whaddaya bet that UNC Student Services produces a list of ALL near-campus faith communities? About which "Mike Adams, a UNC Wilmington criminology professor" has NEVER objected? Hypocritical phobe... >:-(

Jarred said...

The ADF? The folks that, among other things, like to defend nativity displays erected on government property?