Thursday, May 9, 2013

Marriage Debate Bingo

From Minnesota Public Radio, here's a Bingo Card just in time for today's debate.

"Activist judges" Legislator who cares about the 2014 election proclaiming "I don't care about the 2014 election." "Think of the children" "I am not homophobic." Person unable to see partner in hospital story.
Draws parallel to slavery. "The people of Minnesota have voted." "Indoctrination" Lawmaker acknowledges he/she's gay. Bill fails.
Rainbow tie. Mention of any gay member of the military.
Citation of any poll. Debate halted while legislator recognizes winner of a spelling bee in the gallery.
Any mention of marrying an animal "Only love matters." Mention of gay family member. "The gay lobby." "Erosion of the family unit."
Bill passes. "The flavor of the month" Legislator gets tongue-tied trying to say "L-G-B-T" Any legislator changes his/her mind during debate. "God"

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