Friday, June 7, 2013

Even our foes admit we'll win

Then why are they still fighting?

From the Atlantic Wire, via Yahoo:
59 percent of gay marriage opponents nevertheless believe that gay marriage is historically inevitable. According to a new Pew Research study published today, 72 percent of Americans polled, and 85 percent of gay marriage supporters, believe that gay marriage will be written into law — both figures being significantly more, but not that far off, from the number of citizens who don't want marriage equality ... but think it's coming anyway. To put this in context: 51 percent of all the Americans polled by pew support legalizing gay marriage, approximately the same percentage as in a poll released last night by Bloomberg News. (Ten years ago, nationwide support for gay marriage was 46 percent.) Gay marriage may be inevitable, but for now it remains a divisive issue.


JCF said...

Why they fight---much like the (apocryphal?) English Lady re Darwin's Theory of Evolution:

"Let us pray it isn't true . . . and if it IS true, let us pray it does not become well-known!"


MadPriest said...

This belief in their eventual and unavoidable defeat fits in well with the victim mentality of right wing America. They view the proposal to make same gender marriage legal, not as an issue concerning the happiness of a group of people other than themselves, but as a direct attack on them. It's as if they cannot stand the idea that something is not about them, which is one of the main reasons people who demand attention for themselves look for reasons to claim victimhood. Martyrdom is a very good consolation prize for such people if they lose a battle as they can use it to take attention away from the winners, directing it, instead, towards themselves. They may well, in fact, enjoy losing far more than they would ever enjoy winning. Perverts!

IT said...

I think you are right, MP. It's part and parcel of all the "isms", which basically come down to "if (blacks/women/gays) have what I have, then I am no longer special, nor superior."

And I agree, it is deep in their conservative DNA.