Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Religious Freedom redux

 Last week Michigan's legislature passed a sweeping "religious freedom" bill that allows one to refuse service on religious grounds to Teh Gay:
While Bolger insists the bill is meant to protect, say, the Muslim butcher who wants to prepare food in line with halal practices, or the Jewish mother who doesn’t want an autopsy performed on her son, civil liberties advocates warn it could be used as a defense for the landlord who wants to evict a gay tenant, or the pharmacist who doesn’t want to provide birth control, all because of sincerely held religious beliefs. 
This emboldened Kansas to revive its own bill:

Last session’s religious freedom bill extended to public employees, meaning that county clerks, for example, could refuse to serve same-sex couples seeking marriage licenses. Some attorneys read the bill as being broad enough that it would have extended to all public employees, including police officers, who could theoretically refuse to help a same-sex married couple based on their religious beliefs.

Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/news/politics-government/article4336207.html#storylink=cpy
As one person commented,
“Take out the word ‘gay’ and put any other word in there and is it acceptable? Put ‘Muslim,’ put ‘African American,’ put an ‘interracial couple’… does it sound better? Does it sound worse?” she said. “We’re not talking about churches. We’re not talking about forcing a minister to marry someone in a church. That’s protected.”
 Everyone who supports this so-called "freedom" which is really religious privilege, should be forced to put a sign in their window:  We don't Serve Fags.  I wonder how good their business would be if they had to own their bigotry.

Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/news/politics-government/article4336207.html#storylink=cpy

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